luck’s arch enemy

How lucky are you? Probably more lucky than us.

It has been nearly two weeks since our last breakdown. Just yesterday our painted smiles were replaced with something a little more real.  Finally we had found a country which had allowed us to conquer its unknown corners at no extra cost.

However, with one day to go before reaching the plains of South Africa luck’s arch enemy found us amongst the dunes. Cruelly he stole our rear offside brake pads.

A few heads were scratched, but eventually we found a solution.  Having clamped the rear brake line with a G-clamp we continued along the steep sandy tracks in search of a garage. To its credit Namibia never failed to provide us with a smile. I mean how many people can say that their 300km commute to the local garage looked like this?



We felt duty bound to make a little extra effort in order to make up for our faux pas at the Equator. In our defence it was raining heavily, our rear half-shafts had given up the ghost & required replacing asap and it looked busy. For all these reasons – plus an error of judgement with regard to location – we ploughed on past this momentous  milestone.

So for our all loyal blog watchers we hereby issue you the following set of images complete with a heart felt apology.

Please note, the three plonkers are still at large – if seen please feel free to approach.

emergency exit

What do you get when you cross a tent peg with a water main? A huge leak in the courtyard of a hotel.

As many of you are aware we are a moral bunch of individuals. Such was our innate desire to help we attempted to stem the flow of water using a baked bean tin, however, the surge was unrelenting. It was at this point we decided to leg it!

skeleton coast

If the gates are anything to go by then we can safely assume that death still greets the majority of Skeleton Coast’s unfortunate visitors. However, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the bone chilling blanket of fog that renders visitors lifeless but the sharp rocks which litter this infamous coastline.

Having reached Torra Bay the group’s jovial mood was in dire straits thanks to the driving wind which was threatening to tear the tents from their sandy stations. With the tents shored up with screw drivers – used in the absence of tent pegs – we sought refuge behind the car in a vain attempt to enjoy a little respite from the wind.

Sporting shorts and looking a little shell-shocked we caught the attention of our new neighbours. Their invitation of shelter and warmth was grabbed by three pairs of cold hands, eager to rid ourselves of our matching sets of ice cream headaches.  Like most people we have met on the road their levels of hospitality, were second to none. Such meetings, offers of assistance and parcels of food have left us feeling not only honoured but slightly guilty. Have we ever provided such kindness to a group of travellers new to the UK? Have you?

Though I digress I urge you to place the moral of this story in your top pocket for safe keeping. So the next time you see four Polish men cramped in a small car I trust you will open your door to them.

Compounding our sense of guilt our new friends would not let us leave without showing us the sights of this striking coastline. So at 5.30am – cursing their generosity – we began packing our belongings into the rear of the car in preparation for a little sightseeing and a mornings fishing. Though we were more than a little weary we were awake enough to catch this little beauty!

To all our hosts in all 16 countries I hereby thank you.

kill bill

With endorsements ringing in our ears we hot footed it along the salt lined tracks of Etosha National Park in search of a lush waterhole. Having been promised a serene evening in front of the cast of stars from the Lion King we excitedly consumed our evening meal.

Clutching a glass of red wine (the perfect remedy for heartburn) we positioned ourselves on some rocks above the soon to be heaving waterhole. As the sun slowly set we remained transfixed in the hope that we might glimpse the illusive kill, or perhaps a herd of elephants frolicking in the shallow waters or maybe even a crocodile lurking beneath the surface.

No such luck. With the light fading rapidly and the wine running low we were becoming disheartened having yet to see a noteworthy animal. But just as we were collecting our discarded glasses we caught sight of the first predator of the evening. Straining our now weary eyes we were able to confirm our initial suspicions.

Like a true predator he patiently sat hidden from view. Without moving his silky smooth body he watched his prey nonchalantly going about its business, blissfully unaware of the impending danger. The sun had all but gone casting a dim light across the stage which lay below us.

Suddenly he exploded from his post pouncing on his prey. Though a short tussle ensued it wasn’t long before the writhing body fell limp in the mouth of the victorious hunter.

Unfortunately my wildlife knowledge is a little lacking in breadth and depth, and I therefore require a little help identifying the cast of ‘Kill Bill’. If anyone is able to identify either animal from the following descriptions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Small brown bird with a striking resemblance to a young English blackbird

Heavy set moth with a wingspan of approx 6cm

eye spy

At last we have finally tracked down a respectable internet connection. In celebration we have updated the photos page – why not check it out by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

once upon a time

Once upon a time there were three boys who were driving to South Africa.

Like most days they pulled off the road at around 6pm in order find a perfect spot to set up camp. Having pitched the tents and lit a fire one of the boys set out to relieve himself. Whilst peppering the local flora with urine he spotted a vicious set of claw marks gouged into a neighbouring log.

Armed with a shovel and a small net the boys bravely sat down to wait for the mystery animal.  But as night fell their eye lids got gradually heavier until all three boys fell into a deep sleep.

As dawn broke the boys stirred in their sleep, blissfully unaware of the midnight attack. The bite marks on the boys arms glistened with fresh blood, providing a clue to their strange milky white bodies, apparently sucked clean of blood from the neck down.